Individual Counseling

I hope to help you to realize that, even as hard as it may be for you to see right now, deep down you are whole…

I hope to help you unfold into that wholeness.

Because no two clients are alike, I approach each individual from an integrated model of counseling, drawing on a number of theories which I believe inform how people view themselves and how they fit, or do not fit, in the world. I am interested in knowing and working with the entirety of your identities and experiences and helping you to understand them better yourself.

I am experienced in working with adolescents (age 15+) and 

adults challenged with:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Life transitions (break-ups, moves, loss or changing of jobs, graduation, life after a loss…)
  • Coming out as LGBTQIA+ (or having a family member/loved one come out)
  • Gender transitions
  • Finding (or re-finding) your passion in life
  • Trauma and sexual abuse
  • Internalized and systemic oppressions (racism, ableism, sexism, heterosexism, sizeism…)
  • Sexual health 
  • Body issues (I am body positive and passionate about working with people to fight against the oppressions of the standard American Beauty Culture.)
  • Creativity and working with people in creative careers

Working Professionals Need Therapy Too!

Have you ever thought the idea of therapy sounds great, until you factor in the amount of time it takes away from the office? Does the thought of being gone for up to TWO hours in the middle of the day leave you wishing there was another option? If this sounds familiar, then "The Traveling Couch" might be for you! The concept of "The Traveling Couch" was created as a way to bridge the gap between busy working professionals and psychotherapists. Rather than leave your office, travel to another office, spend an hour there, and then travel back to your office...we bring the therapy to YOU! 

Population Served

Busy, working professionals in an office setting


$150 | 50 minute session

Includes travel time and mileage 


An individual office or semi-private/private conference room

Located within 30 miles of 80031

Active credit card on file

Strict 24 hour cancellation policy

Maximize Your Time Today 


I seek to create a defined space where individuals have an opportunity to think about and discuss their familial relationships through constructing genograms.

What is a Genogram and how is it helpful in therapy?

A Genogram is a visual display of a person’s family with regard to medical, psychological and family relationship history. It’s much more than just a family tree. By creating a visual people are able to see patterns that are hereditary or environmentally passed down from one generation to the next.

Like a family tree the Genogram is depicted with simple symbols representing gender, family relationship and finally their living arrangements.

It shows the people in your family, blood relative or not, and how they relate to one another.

Genograms can:

  • Provide a well-rounded idea of a client’s family and social life
  • Be used to study and understand the family dynamics and patterns
  • Be useful when intervening to reduce dysfunction.

Each family unit is made up of complex interactions between family members. By removing or altering one interaction there is likely to be a noticeable shift or change in the remaining family members behavior, which can be more dysfunctional than before the change, was made. It is why the pictorial display of the Genogram is so useful for therapists, who can then see how one change might affect the rest of the family. 

Character References

"The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are." - Carl Jung

Danielle Goldstein, MA, MFT-C

Owner, Wise Heart Counseling, LLC

"Heather is an incredibly intuitive and insightful therapist. I highly recommend her services and feel any client would be lucky to work with her."

Faith Holloway, MA, LPCC

Owner, 5280 Counseling

"I recommend Heather because of her ability to combine her personal life experience, education, and passion for helping others which makes her incredibly intuitive and empathetic. Heather is dedicated to her profession and it shows through her commitment to both her colleagues and clients."